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Master Marketer Marcia Yudkin Can Help You Make Your Products or Services Irresistible

What's It Like to Work With Marcia?  

She's perceptive, precise, to the point and practical.

Perceptive: Don't be surprised if she suggests insights or solutions that you hadn't considered but seem right.

Precise: Expect specific advice and recommendations rather than fuzzy ideas or platitudes.

To the point: Marcia gets right to work without a lot of schmoozing or small talk.  She says what's what.

Practical: Her advice is grounded in what works and geared to better outcomes for your business.

Marcia prefers working with clients who are the decision-makers (not a team or committee) and who are not counting pennies as they pursue creative marketing strategies and clearer messages.  Everything she does for clients is strictly confidential unless mutually agreed otherwise.

For a no-cost, no-obligation quote on your project, email Marcia or call (413) 563-4134.  For a low-cost taste of her wisdom and advice, sign up for a half-hour introductory consultation.

When you want to grow your business, Marcia can help with:

  • A customized marketing plan with creative, solidly targeted tactics

  • Objective assessment of what your website is doing well and where it needs improvement

  • Top-to-bottom revision of your website organization and copy

  • Other strategic or copywriting needs

A whopping wow for Marcia's skills and service 
"Marcia Yudkin helped me totally revamp and rewrite my outdated web site so it reflects my current business focus. Taking charge of the project, she spoke with my clients to better understand what makes me tick, determined the best way to deliver my message, and worked with my web designer to ensure that the visual presentation succeeded. I am thrilled with Marcia's exceptional writing, her customer service and her ability to deliver what she promised." - Ray Pelletier, CSP, CPAE, The Pelletier Group

Like all the testimonials on this site, the customer comments on this page were provided without compensation, incentives or rewards.

Helps me clarify my message and make sound decisions
"I've worked with Marcia Yudkin for more than 15 years, first as the editor who helped my book Your Body Believes What You Say get published, and now as a trusted business advisor for my publishing company. Besides her wizardry with words, I can always count on her to help me see my options so that I can make clear-headed choices, about publicity, marketing, editing and even freelance personnel." - Barbara Hoberman Levine, Co-Owner, Aslan Publishing, Fairfield, CT

Keen insights that I can quickly put into action
"Every time I talk to Marcia Yudkin, I make more money. Her insights and ideas are both practical and creative. And she's not afraid to hold my feet to the fire to challenge my own perceptions of my business. Whether you've been in business one year or twenty, Marcia provides great value and quantifiable results." - Caroline Jordan, Owner, The Jordan Result

Exactly what I need to move my business forward
"I'm constantly impressed by Marcia's careful preparation for each of our
consulting sessions. She brings an abundance of practical information tailored to meet my specific needs. As a result of Marcia's input, I've become more effective in reaching prospective clients and referral partners." - Janet Tilden, Owner, Executive Rewrites, Omaha, NE

The ONLY person I trust to help me rebrand my message
"For more than four years I've depended on Marcia Yudkin whenever my company was shifting focus to help me find the words to explain what we were up to and to make that appeal to potential clients.  From where I sit, she's the best wordsmith on the planet." - Jim Jenkins, President and Chief Inspiration Officer, Creative Visions Consulting, Frederick, MD

For a no-cost, no-obligation quote on your project, email Marcia or call (413) 563-4134.  For a low-cost taste of her wisdom and advice, sign up for a half-hour introductory consultation.



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