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Charge Up Your Creativity and
Rocket Past the Goal Line!

Become More Innovative, More Distinctive,
Happier and More Prolific With the Tips in Inspired!

Whether your business involves boats or bytes, wellness or words, coming up with a fresh angle can mean the difference between a humdrum income and a spectacular one. Creativity isn't an exact science, but it involves far more factors within your control than most people realize. 

The book Inspired! How to Be More Original, Insightful and Productive in Your Work collects and presents in an entertaining fashion scores of tips and useful research on how to charge up your creative process, access intuition and natural motivation, and enjoy a bounty of results.

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Did you know...?

Researchers have uncovered countless fascinating facts about how we can surpass expectations or hold ourselves back. And hidden in biographies and memoirs are gems that reveal surprising facets of motivation, inspiration and productivity. In Inspired!, you encounter helpful hint after helpful hint. For example:

  • How famed ventriloquist Edgar Bergen elicited profound thoughts from his wooden dummy, Charlie McCarthy
  • The long-term study of millionaires that explains why trying to make boatloads of money too often backfires
  • A four-step program that increases the odds for inspiration
  • How kids - yours or others' - can point the way when you feel stuck
  • Why best-selling authors Stephen King, Barbara Kingsolver, Amy Tan and Dave Barry made fools of themselves by forming a rock band
  • Five principles that make memorizing easier
  • Why it's revitalizing to separate habits that serve you from those that block or delay your progress

Inspired! turns conventional wisdom regarding creativity on its head with new insights and a playful approach. A must read for anyone who needs more spark in their life and work.” —CJ Lyons, New York Times bestselling author of Blind Faith and other Thrillers with Heart

Like all the testimonials on this site, the customer comments on this page were provided without compensation, incentives or rewards.

  • The revealing question doctors ask at the end of a patient interview, and that you should ask yourself once in a while, too
  • The disempowering myth most people have swallowed about the nature of concentration
  • Six learning styles that explain how people differ in communicating, absorbing and responding to information
  • Eight ways to stimulate your creativity auditorily, nine kinesthetically and eight visually - and why this matters
  • The simple lunchtime test that disqualified an applicant from working in Thomas Edison's lab
  • Six ways to strengthen your perceptiveness
  • Why asking "Am I talented?" is nonsensical and counterproductive

“In Inspired! Marcia Yudkin provides a myriad of user-friendly creativity catalysts, excellent tips and action steps, practical ways to access your inner knowing, and paradigms that get you on the road to mastery. The book also has marvelous vignettes of well-known creators who offer fascinating lessons for the reader. I had a hard time putting it down. Enjoy!” —Gail McMeekin, author, The 12 Secrets of Highly Creative Women and other books

  • Nine all-time greats who produced works of genius while imprisoned
  • Do we really learn from experience? A surprising study and analysis
  • Five ways to increase the odds that others accept your advice
  • Discoveries about alertness and biological rhythms
  • The physical and emotional vulnerability that you can fix with an inexpensive electronic device 
  • How even mousy people can radiate charisma
  • Seven ways to foster an atmosphere where original thinking and resourceful behavior can flourish
  • Are women really more intuitive than men? What the research shows

Three Creative Success Stories from Inspired!

  • The Automatic Direct Dial Telephone
    Undertaker Almon Strowger suspected that a local telephone operator, wife of a competitor in the funeral business, was stealing business by diverting calls intended for Strowger's firm to her husband's. Rather than hatch a scheme to catch her, he invented a device which enabled everyone to dial their party directly, eliminating her job. Patented in March 1889, Strowger's creation went into service three years later in La Porte, Indiana.
  • "Type A Behavior"
    We have Dr. Meyer Friedman's upholsterer to thank for the observations that eventually made "Type A" and "Type B" behavior famous. He mentioned to the cardiologist that the seats in his waiting room had worn out oddly: along the front edges. Friedman's heart disease patients rarely, it seems, sat back; they literally perched on the edge of the seats. Investigating, Dr. Friedman discovered that driven, time-obsessed, chronically angry people had a significantly greater risk of heart attacks than did less hostile, calmer folks.
  • Naked Ambition
    The nineteenth-century French writer Victor Hugo was reasonably prolific, producing more than 20 major, durable literary works in his career, including The Hunchback of Notre Dame and Les Miserables. But his motivation to write did not always come from within. When he was procrastinating and wanted to go out to a cafe, he fought temptation by having his servant take away all his clothes and not bring them back until a certain time.
  • Four channels of intuition that you may be able to cultivate
  • How to emulate the fabled tortoise - without any hurrying, beating hares to the finish line
  • Why the most successful people habitually work not at full tilt but at 80 percent of their capacity
  • Factors that indicate your risk of suffering burnout
  • A World War II-era approach for coping with shortages that you can use for more creative leaps
  • Eight guidelines for arriving at surprising solutions
  • How to profitably play the game of "What If?"
  • Why there's something to the notion of "beginner's luck" - and why you should trust what feel like blind guesses
  • Hard facts about the business benefits of humor
  • Salman Rushdie's biggest creative challenge during his years in hiding
  • Simple keys to a productive workspace from a professional organizer
  • And much more

Empower yourself!

Stop wondering why you've been falling short in the achievement department. By learning the principles in Inspired!, you'll get more done, more pleasantly and win others over to your side more easily. Increased creativity means better alignment between your actions and your purpose, greater fulfillment, much more delight, higher earnings and usually, a happier boss.

Inspired! How to Be More Original, Insightful and Productive in Your Work is a 284-page paperback book. Author Marcia Yudkin spent decades of research to extract the most interesting and helpful lessons on creativity, spicing up the brew with historical anecdotes and contemporary success stories. 

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