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Copywriting Ideas and Services from 
Marcia Yudkin, Author of Meatier Marketing Copy

Learn to Create Persuasive Copy That Wins Attention, Excites Your Target Market and Sells Like Mad - Or Have Marcia Achieve Results for You

"I worked so hard on our brochure and yet didn't feel that I was saying exactly what I wanted to be saying. I felt that I was close but just not hitting the target, and your rewrites hit the target. It now explains precisely what the seminar is and who should be coming. Thank you so much!" - Beth Baxter, Co-Founder, Spiritual Energy Conference

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Copywriting Services

Web Strategy and Execution That Enabled Us to Grow
"We were losing business because certain customers couldn't find the information they were looking for at our web site.  Marcia Yudkin knew exactly how to solve the problem and created a new web site for us in less than three weeks.  Right away we became able to generate and follow up on the kinds of leads we needed to grow our business." - Paul Olivett, President, Barron Publishing Co.

Like all the testimonials on this site, the customer comments on this page were provided without compensation, incentives or rewards.

Sales Letter Helped Another Company Move Forward
"Marcia, you are a miracle of words! Not only did you do an outstanding job, you even worked overtime to get my letter done in time for me. Your kind of talent and service are not easy to find." - Mary Findley, Owner,

Publicity Grew This Company Like Gangbusters
"As an engineer who develops products, I realized that I needed to tell the world about my great products. Marcia Yudkin has edited more than a dozen news releases that helped take my company out of my garage into a 20,000 square-foot manufacturing facility. Her critical and objective edits transformed my drafts so they got good pickup by the media. You need not go to an expensive PR firm to get good media coverage; Marcia's affordable work will get you there." - Ed Goodwin, President, HipSaver Inc., Canton, MA

Converted More Web Site Visitors into Customers
"Over the past several years, our firm has been extremely fortunate to work with Marcia Yudkin in developing copy for our online marketing business.  Again and again Marcia has helped us turn around difficult projects by increasing conversion rates, often dramatically.  I highly recommend her." - John Stanley, CEO, Harris Digital Publishing Group

Marcia Saves Me Time, Gives Me Better End Result
Over the last 12 years, I have spent ridiculous amounts of 
time agonizing over marketing pieces only to end up with 'blah' results. Now I am finally getting smart and saying, 'Stop dilly-dallying and just let Marcia do it!' Not only is the finished product infinitely better, but I get things finished in a fraction of the time." - Janine Willis, President, Good to Go, Inc.

Need a more effective brochure, press release, sales letter or web site?  I do copywriting from scratch and strategic rewriting of marketing materials.  To get a no-obligation price quote, simply email me with a draft or description of your piece.  Or, fax it to me at 1-206-292-2534.

Copywriting Training Programs

If you already have good writing skills, you can learn to reinvent yourself as a marketing consultant or copywriter through a unique one-on-one training program.  

The basic course in how to rewrite and properly target marketing materials lasts ten weeks and includes creation of a marketing plan and whatever you need to launch your retooled business.  

If you can't afford the one-on-one program, then take a look at a home-study course using the same learn-by-doing teaching methods.  Complete it at your own pace and apply the principles of no-hype copywriting to your own projects or clients'.  Home-study copywriting course details.

Books, Reports, Audios and Home-Study Courses on Copywriting

The Sales Letter Makeover Course

The Press Release Makeover Course

6 Weeks to Masterful Copywriting

Persuading on Paper: The Complete Guide to Writing Copy That Pulls in Business

Web Site Marketing Makeover

Secrets of Mouthwatering Marketing Copy

73 Ways to Describe a Widget:  Never Be Brain Dead Again When Having to Write Catalog Copy or Sales Material

10 Keys to Success in B-to-B Copywriting

Advice on "Help - They Just Don't Get It!"
One of the most unnerving and perplexing marketing dilemmas is having customers who do not believe they need what to your eyes they desperately lack.  In a three-audio set, learn the six most common reasons for such a misfire and the six best remedies that lead to understanding.  Then listen to two coaching calls in which Marcia Yudkin helps a client and listeners understand how to apply this sort of diagnosis and treatment to actual misunderstandings between service providers and potential customers.  Three one-hour recordings, $79.95.  ORDER NOW.

Articles on Copywriting

25 Ways to Make Your Marketing Copy Bolder and More Intriguing

Become More Believable and Trustworthy: A Credibility Checklist for Copywriters

Better Blurbs Are More Persuasive

Business Bios - a Résumé Alternative

Business Name & Tag Line Generator

Copywriting That Creates a Fit: Ten Ways to Warn Away Unsuitable Clients and Invite Ideal Customers

Creating a Catchy Marketing Concept

Galvanizing Buyers with Benefits

Learn From the Masters of No-Hype Copywriting
In 2013 and 2014, Marcia Yudkin convened the most articulate and experienced practitioners of no-hype copywriting for an exchange of ideas on writing copy that persuades without excessive showmanship or stretching the truth.  Presenters included Peter Bowerman, Nick Usborne, Shel Horowitz, Karon Thackston and others. Order the recordings from this telesummit.

Guarantees with Oomph

How to Spin Biographical Information

In Marketing, Enthusiasm Connects

Jargon:  Abstain or Explain

Long Copy vs. Short Copy: The Definitive Guide

Telltale Signs of Hype

Theme Marketing

To Master Copywriting, Use a Mentor - Here's Why

Typo Tales & Tactics

Use Customers' Words to Persuade

Your Voice on Paper

What Does it Take to Succeed as an Independent Copywriter?

Overwhelmed by Having to Describe 17 (or 1,777) Products?
Never be brain-dead again when it comes to making items sound distinctive and tantalizing. This how-to manual and brainstorming guide comes to the rescue, with the keys to effective product descriptions for print or online catalogs or sales pieces. Write catalog copy easily.



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