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Web Site Reviews from Marcia Yudkin, Author of Web Site Marketing Makeover

Design That Puts Your Message First, Web Copy That Creates Leads and Sales

"Over the past several years, our firm has been extremely fortunate to work with Marcia Yudkin in developing copy for our online marketing business.  Again and again Marcia has helped us turn around difficult projects by increasing conversion rates, often dramatically.  She is one of the most talented copywriters I have had the opportunity to work with! I highly recommend her." - John Stanley, CEO, Harris Digital Publishing Group

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Site Review Service

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Site Review Service

"Marcia, prior to using your review service, two other 'reviewers' made recommendations that were implemented, but neither resulted in any additional sales. With your recommendations, however, quickly became profitable and eventually grew into a $100,000+ per year business. To top it off, I decided to sell the site and had a buyer in one day...paying me a HIGH five figures for it! I seriously owe you a heartfelt thank you. I have used you since and will use you again." - Keith Baxter, Spring, TX

Like all the testimonials on this site, the customer comments on this page were provided without compensation, incentives or rewards.

Order your site review now.

Is your web site working for you or against you?  Get an objective assessment of its strengths and weaknesses.  Learn how you can make a better, clearer first impression and enjoy a greater return from your web site investment - or the effort you are pouring into your blog.

My name is Marcia Yudkin, and for eight years straight, I was trusted to review web sites for the Webby Awards. I have also served as a judge for the Inc. Magazine Small Business Web Awards. I'm the author of Web Site Marketing Makeover and numerous other marketing books.

"It took us a while to implement your suggestions for our member web site (which were all spot-on), but we finally rolled out a new redesign about six o'clock this morning.  Result:  EIGHT new members in the past four or five hours. Woo-hoo.  I love you more than ever!  Thanks!" - Steve Yankee, The Video Business Advisor

It costs just $297 to get my expert review of how well your site's text and design are conveying your marketing message.  In a comprehensive written report, find out what you're missing, how you're confusing visitors - or get reassured that you're firmly on track. 

"After I made the changes you recommended, my business increased. People starting calling and emailing me and purchasing my services. I've had comments from clients about how everything flows and it is easy to read.  I am so grateful." - Karen Ross, Karen's Creative Cuisines 

If you created, wrote and designed your site yourself, or hired the services of a designer, find out whether you've overlooked some easily fixed blunders, have left out crucial credibility builders or have missed the boat on matching your site's look to your image.

"Excellent review! You made several suggestions I can implement immediately. Well worth the price for your independent audit!" - Steve Husting, Webmaster, Team Associated

If your site represents the major focus of your business, get a "report card" on its latest incarnation and ideas for the next phase of development. In many cases, corrections and changes can then be made within days, so that you make a better impression on first-time visitors and convert more into potential clients or actual customers.  Or pass along my comments to your boss or board of directors to share plaudits for a job well done or spur them to invest in long-overdue web improvements.  

"Your objective review got management's attention, and much-needed work on the site has begun today." - Kathie Alexander, Director of Corporate Communications,

Order your site review now.

Your site review fee of $297 includes - at no extra charge - my feedback on your site after you've made the recommended changes.  Be confident that you've implemented the advice, and find out where your changes need adjustment.

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