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Home-Study Courses

Breaking Into Print.  Eager to see your byline in magazines and earn money writing?  This home-study course for beginners teaches the basics of coming up with saleable ideas, approaching editors with article proposals, writing an acceptable article and building your writing career.  Includes numerous short assignments for personal feedback.  $295.  Details.  ORDER NOW.

Breaking into Major Magazines.  An advanced home-study course on freelance writing for magazines that teaches the skills that separate those who can't earn more than $100 per article from those who earn big bucks writing for high- profile magazines.  Includes seven assignments, personal feedback.  $295.  Details.  ORDER NOW.

Law of Attraction Marketing: The Mastermind Collection.  Attract ideal - not "just okay" clients - without chasing them.  Hear perspectives on the Law of Attraction from leading marketers Joe Vitale (featured in "The Secret"), Marty Marsh, Marcia Yudkin, Andrea Conway, Jan Stringer and Alan Hickman.  Provocative!  Six audios, $95.  Learn more. ORDER NOW.

Become a More Productive Writer. Lick procrastination and writer's block permanently!  Get pages you like piling up by balancing discipline and inspiration, creating a writing process that's unique to you, and understanding when and how to edit yourself.  "It's excellent." - Sue Grafton.  Eight half-hour audio lessons plus a PDF manual with creativity tips, $95.  More info. ORDER NOW.

Paperback Anthologies

For your convenience, these five thematic collections of Marcia's Marketing Minute columns are available at in paperback, for the Kindle, for the Nook and at as downloadable audiobooks:

Order all five volumes directly from Marcia for 25% off.

And... Inspired! How to Be More Productive, Insightful and Productive in Your Work. Creative Ways Publishing.  Learn how to charge up your ingenuity and enjoy a bounty of results. Discover your unique keys to stress-free productivity, boundless creativity and keener problem solving.  ORDER IT.

Online Courses

Marketing for Introverts - Do you hang back from marketing yourself because what you're "supposed" to do feels contrary to your personality?  This video course explains how to honor your natural preferences and get the word out about what you do.  It's both informative and empowering. $37. Learn more or sign up.

Personal Branding for Introverts - Four step-by-step lessons show you how to brand or rebrand yourself so you attract ideal customers while highlighting your distinctive strengths.  Filled with examples and explanations geared especially for introverts.  Video format, with transcripts, handouts and supplementary audios.  $497. Learn more or sign up.

Launch Your Information Empire - Create a profitable system of products and services that brings you long-term customers and while-you-sleep income.  Discover which topics, target market, prices and offerings make sense for you.  Audio course with extensive handouts, case studies and resources. $797. Learn more or sign up.

Take Your Business on the Road - Got a travel dream you've put off while running your business?  In this video-on-demand course, discover how to keep revenue flowing in while you're at the beach, visiting far-flung family or doing serious, long-term sightseeing. Avoid money management and communication pitfalls. Learn smart earning strategies that make your travel legitimately tax-deductible. $37. Learn more or sign up.

Create a Practical Company Marketing Plan - Success becomes far easier when you know what to do and when to do it. Gear up for success by identifying both big-picture goals and specific tactics to reach them. Then arrange them in a feasible month-by-month action plan. Includes online video-on-demand lessons, copious handouts, supplementary audios and one-on-one feedback. $497. Learn more or sign up.

Teleteach for Profit -  If you know anything other people don't, you can earn money teaching it by telephone. Learn the logistics, marketing methods and product development secrets that help you run a successful teleseminar or webinar program. Eleven hours of audio instruction and case studies, plus my consulting help or moderation of your first teleclass, $497. Learn more or sign up.

The Mighty Postcard Marketing Course - Use low-cost postcards to generate leads, build a reputation, bond with customers, drum up sales from existing customers, and more.  Course includes the keys to profitability with postcards as well as many tips and success stories.  Five audio lessons plus an illustrated course manual, delivered online for your convenience, $197. Learn more or sign up.

Deep Publicity - Discover how to generate dozens of ideas that reporters, broadcasters - and your prospective customers - love. Inject dynamism, relevance and surprise into your media pitches. Learn to distill your message so it captures attention right away, then bolster your credibility and eliminate factors that turn off editors and producers.  In-depth audio course, delivered online for your convenience, $197. Learn more or sign up.

The Sales Letter Makeover Course - Learn the crucial differences between a letter or postcard that gets tossed and one that gets read and prompts action.  Study 20 before-and-after examples with commentary, and use them later as models. Course is in PDF format, delivered online with instant access. $97. Learn more or sign up.

The Press Release Makeover Course - Master the crucial distinctions between a so-so news release and one that gets you onto the airwaves or into print.  You get 24 before-and-after transformations of news releases, with commentary, to study and use as models.  Course is in PDF format, delivered online with instant access. $97. Learn more or sign up.

Fact Checking Made Easy - Enhance your credibility as an author, entrepreneur or blogger by knowing how to identify and correct factual errors. The course consists of video instruction that includes three complete now-you-try-it exercises (and another partial one) where you give fact checking a go and then compare your findings with Marcia's answers and analysis. $37. Learn more or sign up.

Renaming Your Business - Before you spend time, energy and money on renaming your company, nonprofit organization, product, service or event, let this online course show you how to determine whether your reasons for a name change are valid. If yes, follow a proven process for generating new names and then selecting the most appropriate one. Avoid expensive and embarrassing pitfalls! $37. Learn more or sign up.

Brainstorming a Better Book Title - This online video-on-demand course gives you an effective title-finding process to follow and over 150 analyzed examples that make the stakes of this search very real. Discover how to avoid titles that could cause problems for your book and learn how to identify and select your best options. $37. Learn more or sign up.

Special Reports - Downloadable in PDF Format

All downloadable reports carry a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

Marketing in Tune With Your Personality: A Guide for Introverts.  If you consider yourself an introvert, you may be in despair because marketing just doesn't feel right to you.  This report provides practical marketing suggestions for eight distinct introvert personality types and profiles of successful marketers who dismiss conventional promotional advice in favor of methods that fit who they are.  Also appropriate for non-introverts with many introverted clients.  39 pages, $19.95, in PDF format. More info. ORDER NOW.

Jazzed With Pizzazz.  An advanced copywriting manual detailing 20 techniques that inject just the right amount of creative juice into your marketing writing.  Improve your ability to attract attention and stimulate sales online or offline after studying the 200+ real-life examples analyzed in this report.  No one else has ever compiled such a useful and instructive resource for marketers!  41 pages, $39.95, in PDF format.  More info.

73 Ways to Describe a Widget: Never Be Brain Dead Again When Having to Write Catalog Copy or Sales MaterialOverwhelmed by the task of describing 17 (or 1,777) products so they sound distinctive and tantalizing?  This how-to manual and brainstorming guide comes to the rescue, with the keys to effective product descriptions for print or online catalogs or sales pieces.  35 pages, $39.95, in PDF format. More info. ORDER NOW.

Shorter:  Say It in Fewer Words.  Eradicate wordiness!  Learn how to get your point across in one page or how to satisfy a strict word count for magazine or newsletter editors.  Find out how to identify and cut repetition, eliminate excess verbiage, make your point fast and convey a wealth of facts in a small space. Includes four exercises to practice shortening techniques, then compare your more concise version with mine.  My longwinded clients asked for this!  38 pages, $39.95;  PDF format.  More info.  ORDER NOW.

Not sure what to buy or where to get started? Email Marcia and describe your needs or goals and she'll suggest what will help most in your situation.


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