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Reach Your Business and Lifestyle Goals With the Aid of a Knowledgeable, Action-Oriented Coach

Is it time for you to get moving with an encouraging yet no-nonsense coach in your corner?  I'm Marcia Yudkin, and I've been coaching authors, business owners and entrepreneurs for about 25 years.

Moved forward in leaps and bounds with Marcia's advice
"Marcia, you've given me the confidence to take on projects I would not dare to without your backing. I feel my business is at least two years ahead of what I could have done on my own." - Claudia Gere, President, Claudia Gere & Co. LLC

Currently my coaching programs include:

Personal Branding for Introverts - Through a structured program with one-on-one support, brand or rebrand yourself so you attract ideal customers while highlighting your distinctive strengths

Maui Marketing Retreats - Enjoy a tax-deductible vacation in paradise while receiving one-on-one marketing or publishing advice

Focus Pocus - Via a series of confidential phone or Skype coaching calls with me, figure out how to direct your efforts more strategically, for better results

30-Day Book Intensive - Finally start, restart, refocus or finish your book, with expert guidance

Launch Your Information Empire - Create a system of information products and services that bring you sustaining income

Need something else?  Ask.  Some of my best programs came into being because someone described what they needed.

My Coaching Principles

I respect and treat you, the client, as my equal.  Although I may know more about certain subjects than you, you know what's right for you.

We do not discuss your reasons, excuses, past suffering or current dramas.  Our work together focuses on finding ways for you to move forward with excitement, momentum, profitability and ultimately, satisfaction.  I share insights, possibilities, feedback and perspectives with that goal in mind.

Rather than insist that you do things the way I do, I help you find a path that suits your personality, talents and goals.

I encourage you to go beyond "good enough" and "everyone does it" to the best you can offer, with high standards for quality and ethics.

Everything we discuss is absolutely confidential unless both of us agree otherwise.

For a low-cost opportunity to sample my coaching style, sign up for a half-hour introductory consultation.

Repositioning made easy
"I knew I needed to reposition my firm, but was having trouble going through the thought process alone. Marcia provided invaluable help by guiding me along the re-visioning journey. The depth of experience, insight and encouragement she brought to our consulting sessions enabled me to quickly create a new focus and marketing concept for my business. I would recommend Marcia’s services to any business owner who needs help clarifying their thinking." - Suzanne Wood, President, Purple Rooster Marketing

Like all the testimonials on this site, the client comments on this page were provided without compensation, incentives or rewards.

Next steps come clearly into focus
"Marcia excels at listening and quickly locking in on the areas that need
to be addressed and your options to consider to address them. She tells you what you need to hear to address problem areas rather than what you want to hear. Her honesty and no-nonsense advice get right to the nub of the matter. Sessions do not drag on, and her laser-like observations often result in steps to get back on course that are relatively easy to implement (and affordable) and generate immediate results."
- Henry Bruce, CEO, Rock Annand Group

Marcia taught me how to communicate effectively
"In a matter of months, Marcia's mentoring has turned me into a confident professional. All my print communications, and my personal presentation, now pack a punch. And with her guidance, I'm two for two in getting local publications to publish articles about our program." - Julia Priest, Director, Music Together of Newton

She helped me keep my eyes on the goal
"Working with Marcia has been a great experience. She has an uncanny way of eliminating 'mental clutter,' getting right to the heart of a problem quickly and offering meaningful solutions with the end results in mind. I look forward to working with her again, and I highly recommend her to any professional who wants an experienced marketing expert on their team." - Donna Pullan, Founder, Make Contact Marketing

Book project gained much-needed focus and clarity
"Thank you for all your comments.  Your critical eye is like Manjushri's sword, cutting through ignorance or lack of enlightenment.  [In Buddhism, Manjushri is the Bodhisatva (Buddha-to-be) of Wisdom.]" - Clare Nelson, Austin, TX

For a low-cost taste of my feedback and advice, sign up for a half-hour introductory consultation.



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